A young Christian girl who was working as a domestic servant was gang raped by her Muslim employer and is still waiting for justice.

Samreen 18, of Faisalabad, was gang raped by her employer Nasreen’s husband, Ameen, and his cousin Waqas.

Samreen’s father Daniel Masih, a factory worker told us that on September 25, while his daughter was working at Nasreen’s house, she was asked to remove clothes from the washing line, take them inside her room and fold them.

Nasreen said she was going to buy some groceries and would soon return. But when Samreen was folding clothes Ameen and Waqas came inside and tried to rape her. Somehow she managed to escape and complain to her employer who had just returned from her shopping.

Instead of supporting Samreen and questioning the men, Nasreen sided with her husband who again started pushing her in his room. Samreen resisted but they dragged her inside and gang-raped her.

Somehow, she managed to get home and told her family what happened. It was shocking for the family, it stunned them and they didn’t know what to do, but in the end, they decided to go to the police station and file a complaint against the all three of them.

A first information report was registered at Jhumra Police station Faisalabad against Nasreen, Waqas and Ameen but the police have failed to arrest the rapists.

According to Irum Liaqat, investigating police officer, she has requested Samreen’s medical examination from her officers, and until then she cannot arrest anyone.

Masih, Samreen’s father said Ameen and Waqas are threatening him with dire consequences if he does not withdraw his complaint.

He further said they are poor people and nobody is helping them.

He said: “The police have failed to arrest the culprits and they are roaming around freely.”