Over the last two decades, thanks to the generous gifts and prayers of individuals, churches, trusts and organisations, we have helped hundreds of persecuted Christians to get their freedom and dignity back.

Also, we have offered Legal Aid and financial support to hundreds of families whose loved ones were unjustly murdered, raped or forced into marriages to Muslim men

In Pakistan we are helping Persecuted Christians by:

  • Offering free Legal Aid to those falsely accused of blasphemy and other discriminatory charges.
  • Providing shelter for girls and young women who are victims of rape, forced marriages and forced conversions to Islam.
  • Giving financial support to victims of religious discrimination.
    Supporting slave labourers by providing free food, clothes and medical care.

In the UK and around the world, CLAAS is actively working and campaigning to:

  • Raise awareness of human rights violations against Christians and other minority religious groups in Pakistan.
  • End the misuse of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and other unjust laws and put a stop to the forced conversion of girls and women to Islam.
  • Challenge religious discrimination and persecution in Pakistan through international, regional and national advocacy.
  • Brief politicians, international bodies and church leaders on issues of religious discrimination and persecution in Pakistan.
  • Mobilise prayer and financial support for our work among individuals and churches in the UK, Europe and USA.

“Praying for our Persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan, and campaigning on their behalf should be the responsibility of every Christian. That’s why I urge you to get personally and together as a church involved in this campaign to abolish the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan”. The Rt Revd Dr Michael Nazir Ali.


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