Pakistani Christian parents denied custody of their son

Pakistani Christian parents have been refused the return of their son because he converted to Islam, and therefore cannot live with them. According to reports John Masih and his wife Shamshad Bibi of Mian Channu, District Khanewal have been denied custody of their son, Arjesh, who is not allowed to meet or live with his…


Two Pakistani Christian shot in the head for church construction

Two Pakistani Christian men who were working on the construction of a Church in Sahiwal, Punjab have been shot in their head while other have been injured. On 2nd February local Muslims Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Liaqat, Aslam and their companions attacked the Christians, who wanted to build church on their own land in their village…


Forced conversion deemed un-Islamic by Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), after consultation with minority leaders, has said forced conversion is “un-Islamic and unconstitutional.” According to reports, the CII believes Islam does not allow forced conversions. Last July Prime Minister Imran Khan termed the practice of forced conversions as “un-Islamic” and said there was no precedent in Islamic history for…


Blasphemy laws need reform, but not to become more stringent

The Punjab Assembly in Pakistan unanimously passed a resolution asking the government to improve existing laws, or make new ones, to sternly punish blasphemers. It also called for a central screening system, like that used in Saudi Arabia, to intercept blasphemous content on social media. The resolution said the country’s current blasphemy laws were not…


Pakistan stays on America’s religious watch list

The United States has retained Pakistan on a list of countries that tolerate religious discrimination. The determination made by the US State Department on Dec 18, includes Myanmar, China, Erit¬r¬¬ea, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkm¬enistan. They have all been re-designated as “Countries of Particular Concern (CPC)”. The State Department makes the…

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