Pakistani school textbooks biased against non-Muslims

Pakistani school textbooks are biased towards the country’s Muslim majority and teach intolerance towards religious minorities, a study has found. The books were also found to lack content on the rights of religious minorities and informations on their  positive contributions to the development of Pakistan. Robert P. George, the chairman of the United States Commission…


Pakistani Christian man slaughtered by Muslim butchers

A Christian father of three was attacked and cut into pieces by three Muslim professional butchers who used the same knives which they use to slaughter animals. Property dealer Nazir Maish 50, who had one daughter and two sons, was killed on April 5, 2016 in his village of Wandala Dayal in  District Sheikhupura. Masih had arranged…


Pakistani Ahmadi man in Britain killed ‘for disrespecting prophet’

A man accused of murdering a Pakistani Ahmadi shopkeeper claimed in a statement that he allegedly attacked Asad Shah because he disrespected the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). After appearing for a preliminary court hearing in Glasgow, Tanveer Ahmed from Bradford in northern England, issued a statement through his lawyer It read: “Asad Shah disrespected the messenger of Islam the…

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