Pakistani Christian man slaughtered by Muslim butchers

A Christian father of three was attacked and cut into pieces by three Muslim professional butchers who used the same knives which they use to slaughter animals.

Property dealer Nazir Maish 50, who had one daughter and two sons, was killed on April 5, 2016 in his village of Wandala Dayal in  District Sheikhupura.

Masih had arranged property deal with three influential Muslims named Mohammad Haider, Mohammad Nazar and Mohammad Achy Gujjar. They agreed to pay the balance of the amount on one property on April 5, 2016, and to take possession.

Both the seller and buyer met at the house of Manzoor Masih in Calvary Park, where an argument started between Nazir Masih and his senior partner Meher Din, and the accused.

They rowed over the paying off of the remaining balance. After exchanging heated words, both parties left without reaching any agreement.

A few hours later, at about 6pm, while Nazir Masih was in the fields,  Mohammad Haider, Mohammad Nazar and Mohammad Achy Gujjar attacked him.

These forced him to the ground and started slaughtering him like an animal, cutting his throat first and then slashing his other body parts and face. When the killers started chanting slogans like “Allah-o-Akbar” “we finished infidel” people gathered and the killers fled, waiving their knives in the air.

Local people informed Nazir’s family of his killing, his son Iqbal Masih went to local police station to register his complaint and requested the police arrest his fathers’ killers. But the police officers hesitated to register a murder case as they were rich  and influential Muslims. But after intervention from influential people a case was finally registered.

According to the news all three killers are still at large and instead of arresting them, the police are trying to save them using different tactics, because some other Muslims are trying to build pressure and forcing them to accept a settlement offered by the killers.

The majority of Christians of Wandala Dayal Shah, and its three neighbouring Christian colonies, Lucas Park, Easa Nagri and Calvary Park are working in WASA, employed on daily wages to clean streets, roads and drains. The women of these localities are working as housemaids in homes of Muslims, therefore Muslims have much influence over Christians.

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