• Pakistani Christian man beaten to death in police custody

    amir masih

    September 13, 2019   7:11 pm

    A Pakistani Christian man has allegedly been beaten to death in police custody. The family of Amir Masih have demanded a prompt inquiry into this matter. His post-mortem examination report of the gardener, who was in illegal police custody, suggests that he died on September 3 as a result of severe torture. A First Information […]

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  • Asia Bibi pleads for justice for victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

    aasia bibi 1

    September 4, 2019   1:15 pm

    Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi is calling for justice for others who have fallen victim to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. After eight years on death row, the 54-year-old was acquitted of blasphemy charges and eventually flew to safety in Canada. But Bibi told the Sunday Telegraph the world should know about Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws. She said […]

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  • Bill to set minimum age for marriage at 18 rejected by Pakistani senate committee


    August 31, 2019   7:05 pm

    The Pakistani Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice has rejected a bill that would have seen the minimum age for marriage set at 18. Three votes were cast in favour of the bill while six were cast against it. Determination of age for marriage was declared unIslamic by Dr Qibla Ayaz, Chair of the […]

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  • Pakistani Christian family implicated in false murdered case


    August 31, 2019   6:59 pm

    Pakistani police have charged a Christian man, Bahadar Masih, and other family members in relation to the killing of Maskeen Khan. According to the accused on August 15th, 2019 Maskeen Khan tried to rob Bahadar Masih’s house late that night. Bahadar Masih and his two daughters Rakhal and Arzoo tried their best to stop him […]

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  • Pakistani Christian brothers killed by Muslim neighbour over minor dispute

    11263879_10202937323353617_1185755124_n (1)

    August 31, 2019   6:56 pm

    Two Christian brothers have been killed by their Muslim neighbour over a minor dispute. Javed Masih and Suleman of Johar Town, Lahore, were knifed by Amjad on August 21. The dispute related to an issue between Amjad and Christian boy Adeel, the son of the Javed Masih. Amjad and a companion attacked the brothers in […]

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