• Pakistani Government drafts policy on violence against women and girls

    women praying

    August 19, 2019   11:59 am

    The Pakistani Government has drafted a policy to combat violence against women and girls in the country. The model also includes proposals that would help promote women’s rights in the country. The government has also drafted a policy for Home-Based Workers – including women. A national helpline for legal advice has reportedly been established. It […]

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  • Pakistani Christian boy charged under blasphemy law for showing sketches on cell phone


    August 19, 2019   11:43 am

    A Pakistani Christian boy has been charged with blasphemy for after allegedly having blasphemous images on his phone. Nouman Asghar Masih is accused of showing blasphemous sketches/pictures on his phone to his friends and even forwarding them to his contacts. According to the First Information Report (FIR) at Police Station Baghdad-al-jadid Bahawalpur, the police conducted […]

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  • Pakistani pastor accused of blasphemy freed by court


    July 23, 2019   9:04 pm

    A Pakistani pastor who was accused of blasphemy has been freed by the court. Pentecostal preacher Jadoon Masih was acquitted two years after his arrest. It is alleged that while in custody he was badly mistreated. But Judge Zafar Iqbal cleared Masih of charges which alleged he had desecrated the holy Quran, and insulted the […]

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  • Pakistani Christian high school student charged with blasphemy


    July 18, 2019   10:43 am

    A 19-year-old Pakistani Christian student has been charged with blasphemy after getting into a dispute with Muslims neighbours over a cricket match. Sunny Waqas, a student of High School doing Intermediate in Health sciences, was arrested on 29th June 2019 while allegedly carrying a black bag holding printed blasphemous sketches of the Holy Prophet. The […]

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  • 21 bonded labourer’s including women and children set free in Pakistan

    21 family 10 june 2019 (2)

    July 4, 2019   1:50 pm

    CLAAS has succeeded in releasing 21 people, including women and children, from bonded labour. All the victims had been detained by brick kiln owner Arif Warrich and his companions at two brick kilns at District Gujar Khan. On June 16 a Bailiff was deputed by the Lahore High court to recover these victims and produce […]

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