Another Christian woman accused of blasphemy for forwarding a text

A Christian woman, Shagufta Kiran from Islamabad, Pakistan has been accused of blasphemy for simply forwarding a message. Shagufta was arrested on July 29 by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and she is still in their custody under investigation. Shgufta’s husband Rafique Maish told the Pak Christian News (PCN) that armed police raided their home…


Pakistan: Police charge Christian man with committing blasphemy

Pakistani police have arrested a Christian man from the northwestern city of Nowshera on suspicion of committing blasphemy, according to local reports. Nowshera Police arrested the man in the city after local people in Risalpure accused him of desecrating the Holy Quran. The man, identified as David, was detained under the blasphemy laws after the…

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