Update on Shama and Shahzad case

Shama and Shahzad’s case is being heard by the supreme court’s three judges bench head by the Chief justice of Pakistan Nasirul Mulk who took the suo moto notice over their killing after alleged allegation of desecrating the Holy Quran in November. The Supreme Court has summoned senior police officers, Inspector General Punjab Mushtaq Ahmed…


14-year-old Christian girl given shelter by CLAAS

Catholic Christian Noreen Bashir, 14, who was kidnapped and forced to embrace Islam was returned to her parents and provided with free legal aid and shelter by CLAAS. Her parish priest Rev. Fr. Mushtaq Piyara contacted CLAAS for help and support after she was abducted by 35-year-old Muslim Aftab Sarfraz aged 35, converted to Islam…

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