At Christmas CLAAS visited Shama and Shahzad’s Children. It was their first Christmas without their parents and I am not sure if they are fully aware that what happened to their parents to make them orphans is the result of the country’s notorious blasphemy law and hatred against Christians. The government has compensated them with a large amount of money and some land, but this cannot be exchange of their parents as they are all young and need their parents more than money or anything else.

But Pakistani politicians have failed to understand such a simple thing, that this law is ruining many families and their children’s lives.

Shazhad and Shama’s children are living with their grandparents and were in good condition. Apart from chocolates and sweets, CLAAS took toys for all three children. Since they are living in security, the children were excited to see CLAAS’ team. They were very happy receiving their Christmas gifts. They opened their gifts and started playing with them.

Shama’s father Mr Athwal was also very happy and thankful to the CLAAS for their special visit and spending the day with the children and other family members. Mr Francis ensured the family of CLAAS’ full support in getting justice for Shama and Shahzad.