In Islamabad, a Christian family experienced brutal torture from Holy Thursday night into Good Friday morning. Aqeela Bibi, her husband Sarwar Masih, and their son Younathan were subjected to severe abuse at the residence of their employer, Retd. Col. Naveed, in Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 7.

Local human rights activist Shahzad Imran Sahotra has urged the Punjab Police IG’s office to deliver strict punishment to those responsible. Despite ongoing efforts, there was a significant delay in registering an FIR against the perpetrators.

The family, who had been employed by Col. Naveed for more than a year, was wrongly accused of theft. Aqeela detailed their terrifying ordeal, noting they were summoned under false pretences and then subjected to inhumane treatment including stripping, beating, and extended torture by Col. Naveed’s family and four others.

The assailants isolated the male family members for further abuse in an upper area of the house. Despite Aqeela’s pleas for mercy and their insistence on their innocence, the family was threatened with death unless they confessed to the theft.

The family has sought intervention from Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif and IG Punjab for justice and protection. Now residing in Fatima Villa, Islamabad, the family is apprehensive about returning to their home due to fears for their safety.