On January 22, 2024, in Sialkot, Punjab, two Christian brothers, Azam and Nadeem George Masih, faced a terrifying ordeal. Azam was confronted by Naseem Shah, who threatened him with a gun and forced him to a location where both brothers were later beaten and forced to convert to Islam under duress.

The frightening incident was officially reported in FIR No. 77/24 at Kotli Loharan Police Station. The brothers were accused of causing trouble in their neighborhood and were coerced into conversion with threats to their lives. Their cell phones were also taken during the assault.

The situation has roots in local religious tensions, exacerbated by an incident involving a local woman’s arrest for blasphemy. The Christian community, fearing retaliation after the arrest of the assailants, has gone into hiding for safety. They fear being pressured to withdraw their complaint against the attackers.

The brothers received medical treatment at the District Headquarters Hospital. Local leaders and police officials are working to ensure peace and take action against the perpetrators. This case highlights concerns about religious freedom and the safety of minorities in Pakistan.