A 40-year-old Christian woman, Shazia Imran, from Mehar Town, Lahore, was brutally murdered, and her body was burned with acid.

The heinous crime was reportedly committed by a Muslim man who had been pressuring her to convert to Islam and marry him.

According to Shazia’s brother, Zafar Masih, his sister had been working at the Lums University in Lahore for the past year and a half. On the evening of Tuesday, 6th June, Shazia left for work as usual, with her shift scheduled from 5 pm to 11 pm. However, she never returned home that night, causing immediate concern among the family. The worried family members searched tirelessly and even contacted relatives and friends, but all efforts to locate Shazia proved unsuccessful.

The following day, the desperate family contacted the local police emergency hotline (115). Subsequently, they received a distressing call from the Hyer police station, informing them of the finding of a body that matched Shazia’s description. At the police station, Zafar and other family members identified the body as that of Shazia Imran. The police revealed she had been found in a plot located in Askari 11 DHA earlier that morning at approximately 8:30 am.

Family members have disclosed that Shazia had been subjected to persistent harassment by the accused, identified as Mani, who had relentlessly pressured her to convert to Islam and marry him against her will. Shazia told her sister-in-law about this, but chose not to share it with her brothers due to the fear of further conflict between Mani and her brothers. The family believes the murder of Shazia’s husband, Imran Masih, led her to endure the torment quietly, hoping to protect her loved ones from further harm.

Zafar further revealed that Shazia’s husband had tragically lost his life a year and a half ago. The circumstances remain a mystery, as the police had initially arrested him while he was returning home from his workplace at a gym. They subsequently claimed his death was an accident, despite suspicions of foul play.

Zafar expressed his doubts about receiving justice in his sister’s case, citing the lack of justice they had received in their brother-in-law’s murder. He expressed concern that despite Mani’s pre-arrest bail being denied, he would eventually secure bail, denying them the justice they desperately wanted.

Shazia leaves behind three children: two sons, Salman (16) and Abrar (6), and a daughter, Aliza (7). The traumatized children have sought refuge in the care of their uncle, Zafar. Salman has taken on the responsibility of providing for the family by working at a local gym, trying to fill the void left by his late father. However, due to financial constraints, the younger children have been unable to pursue their education.