A Christian woman and her five children have been forced into hiding after she was threatened with death unless she agreed to convert to Islam.

Naseem Bibi refuses to abandon her Christian faith even though it means she has had to flee her home with her children – four daughters aged 12, 14, 20 and 22, and one 8-year-old son.

She says an Islamic group has forced around a hundred people in her area – both Christians and non-Christians – to convert to Islam.

As part of a campaign to woo converts, she says her husband and his friend were both offered a house each and told that the group would cover the wedding expenses of their daughters.

Despite claims by the group that the conversions have happened voluntarily, Naseem says people like her have been put under pressure.

Tragically, she is being threatened by her husband and his friend, who are ready to accept the bribe for conversion and says they are now among those looking for her.

“We wanted to give an education to our children but due to our financial position, we could not send them to school,” she told us, which is helping her.

“My eldest daughter is 22 and we don’t have money for her wedding but I cannot accept this offer of converting to Islam with my children and then marrying my daughters to a Muslim man.”

She fears that she and her children will be killed if her hiding place is uncovered and she again refuses to convert to Islam.

A local church has stepped in to provide Naseem and her children with temporary shelter but the pastor said that a few days ago, some people were asking about her.

“I am scared and trying to move to another safe place with my children,” she said.

“They are too powerful, and we have no resources to fight with them. We need urgent legal and financial support.”

She added, “I was born a Christian and will remain a Christian until my last breath and I’ll make every effort to make my children stronger Christians and make sure that they marry to Christian partners and not become Muslims.”