An old Christian man from Jalnawala, Gojra has been tortured and killed by police.

According to reports, police officers from Ghulam Abad police station forcefully entered Younis Masih’s house during the night, tortured and killed him.

They had actually gone to arrest Maish’s son Waqar Masih in a fake case of drug dealing, as is the witness of his cousin Khuram’s killing by the Jatt family.

The Jatt family offered money to Waqar to withdraw from the case of Khuram, but he refused and said that he wanted justice for his cousin. The case is presently in court.

When the police found that Waqar Masih was not there they arrested his two brothers and when they tried to take them to the police station Younis Masih intervened and asked why his sons were being taken. The officers started beating him.

Tahira Bibi, Younis Masih’s wife has said they are still living in fear and cannot sleep at night as she cannot forget the way the police entered their house, pointed guns at them, and threatened and tortured her husband.

While Younis Masih’s sons say the police misused their authority, and killed their father.

They have also accused DPO (District Police officer) of Gojra City police station of not taking action against his officers but instead trying to protect them. He has not brought the appropriate charges against his officers and is creating difficulties in the investigation, which is very unfair and it is only because they are poor, weak and Christian, the sons say. They add that the police do not pay any attention when Christians complain against any Muslim.