A Pakistani Christian sanitation worker was falsely accused of blasphemy.

But after police intervened in the case of Amir Masih from Yousafabad, a small town near Faisalabad, the blasphemy charges against him were dropped.

When collecting rubbish from local homes, Masih found a bag containing pages from the Bible and Quran.

When Masih took the pages to a Muslim-owned shop to confirm they were pages from the Quran, he was accused of of being an unclean rubbish collector.

He was then dragged to a local mosque where the imam announced over the mosque’s loudspeaker that they had stopped a blasphemous Christian.

He also encouraged imams from other mosques to punish Masih and burn local Christians’ homes.

But the police got involved and took Masih into custody, where he explained what had happened.

Then the police convinced the local imams to drop their accusations against Masih, and eventually filed a blasphemy charge against person or persons unknown.