Over the years hundreds of UK churches have reached out and helped persecuted Christians in Pakistan through CLAAS.

Churches have provided food and clothes for Pakistani slave labourers and their families by responding to our Christmas appeals but have not mentioned about many individuals who support us.

We are grateful for churches that support us, and we hope that your church too will join forces with us to defend the weak and the voiceless Christians in Pakistan.

Here are some things you and your church can do:

Inform your church about the suffering of Christians in Pakistan.

  • Download a presentation containing stories and prayers for Christians in Pakistan.
  • Or, email us at: info@claas.org.uk to book a CLAAS speaker to share with your congregation the latest news from our work in Pakistan.

Pray for persecuted Christians in Pakistan: God cares and He can change even the most difficult situations. So, please pray for the   progress of CLAAS’ campaign for the abolishment of the Blasphemy law and for the Pakistani Christians we are supporting.

Go to Please Pray page for how to pray about Pakistani Christians and for the latest prayer points.

Campaign with us to abolish the Blasphemy law in Pakistan: You can invite your congregation to join forces with CLAAS and with thousands of concerned individuals in the UK as we campaign for the abolishment of the Blasphemy law in Pakistan.

Add your name to the campaign today.

Make a gift from your church’s budget: Your church can be a real blessing to persecuted Christians in Pakistan. Here are some of the ways you can help ease the suffering and burdens of persecuted Christians and their families.

We will be grateful to your church Philanthropists who will like to see a change to the unjust treatment of Pakistani Christians in Pakistan and who are inspired to donate to us as below:

  • £60 will enable us to provide food packages, clothes, medicines and support for a victim of persecution who is languishing in prison.
  • £80 can help to provide food and education at the CLAAS shelter for a young girl who has been raped or forced to convert to Islam.
  • £100 will ensure that a Christian family in hiding has a place to stay for a month.
  • £250 can cover the legal costs of preparing the case and defending an innocent victim of persecution in Pakistan’s courts.
  • £500 can ensure that a prisoner of faith receives legal assistance they need from the time of being charged through to their trial and release.


We cannot respond to the cries of the persecuted Christians in Pakistan without your help. Please give generously today.


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