Dear friend,
Give Christian families in Pakistan a Christmas to remember I am writing to thank you for your ongoing support for CLAAS – and to urgently request your prayers and donations this Christmas so we can fund care packages and schooling for the children of impoverished Christian families.

I want to tell you about my recent visit to Pakistan – and about a special boy called Elisha who, after terrible suffering, has been given hope.
Forgotten by the system I was visiting slum areas in Pakistan to research how CLAAS can help Christian families who have been forgotten by the system: those without access to decent jobs or education.

As I spoke to the parents, the children played in the muddy streets. These parents have menial jobs which pay so little they cannot afford school fees. Aside from being a basic human right, education is essential if these children are to have any hope of finding employment and escaping poverty.

But there is hope.
Elisha’s story: From tragedy to hope Four-year-old Elisha lives in a neglected housing block in Yohanabad #2. Two years ago, his family was in a horrific traffic accident. Elisha’s mother died because she did not receive medical attention in time, while Elisha’s father was severely injured and had to undergo a series of operations.

Elisha’s life changed overnight. Having lost his mother, and with his father now unable to work or care for him, Elisha went to live with his impoverished maternal grandparents, where he lived in the shadow of trauma and loss, showing signs of psychological disturbance.

Last year, Elisha was one of the children who received a Christmas care package from CLAAS. At a special gift ceremony – organised with The Edge Foundation – Elisha sat mesmerised listening to carols and watching Christmas performances. He waited until he got home to open his gift. His grandparents told us he smiled for the first time since the tragedy that changed his life. ‘Thank you!’ they said. And there is more good news for Elisha: he now has the hope of a brighter future having
been given a place at a school run by The Edge Foundation, where he receives free meals and the education he might otherwise have missed out on.

A light shines in the darkness
This letter is an appeal on behalf of the ‘poorest of the poor’ – those who struggle to feed themselves, who work in low-paid jobs or who are trapped in slave labour. They lack access to employment, education and healthcare. There are no easy answers, but the love of God compels us to reach out – and, thankfully, there are practical steps we can take.

This Christmas, please give generously. Help CLAAS to support Elisha and others like him. The more donations we receive, the more family and children’s care packages we can distribute.

We also invite you to set up a regular Direct Debit to CLAAS so we can provide an education – and hope – for the children of impoverished families.

Yours in Christ’s service,
Nasir Saeed, CLAAS UK Director

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