Christmas Appeal 2023

Break the cycle of despair
Please help us provide much-needed food and warm clothes to persecuted families in Pakistan.

Can you help us to bring hope to those who are in despair this Christmas? For persecuted Christians in Pakistan and families trapped in bonded labour, Christmas can be a bleak time.

Every year, you – our generous supporters – give to us so that we can bring practical support to suffering families in desperate need. Every gift, large or small, is a reminder that they are loved and not forgotten.

For families like Razia’s, you truly are a lifeline. Before the pandemic, Razia’s family had a comfortable life in Makhan Colony near Lahore. Her husband Akram worked in embroidery and his earnings, though not vast, were enough to make ends meet and provide a good life for them and their six children. Akram lost his job when the pandemic hit and now their lives are very different. The whole family, including their four-year-old son, now toil every day in the heat at a brick kiln factory, earning the equivalent of just £14.50 per day.

For them, there is no immediate prospect of escape. They are trapped in bonded labour, having taken a small loan in desperation from the factory owner. Ninety per cent of all brick kiln workers are working to pay-off such debts. This practice of lending money at extortionate rates of interest has been illegal in Pakistan since 1994, but the law is rarely, if ever, enforced. Working at the brick kiln factory has taken its toll on the family: the children now lack proper clothing and are suffering from malnutrition.

We are asking you, once again, if you will show your generosity to families like Razia’s with a gift this Christmas. With your support, we can help her family and countless others stuck in similar circumstances by providing much-needed food and warm clothes this Christmas.

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