COVID-19 has changed lives for Pakistan’s Christians for the worse!

I have recently returned from Pakistan after a four-week trip. What I saw there truly shocked me.

Pakistan’s Christian minority already has so much to contend with: their low status, and grinding poverty, the shadow of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and the growing trend of their young daughters being abducted, abused and forced to convert to Islam.

Now they have COVID and all the hardship it has brought in its wake.

Families living in the poorest, most cramped conditions are more vulnerable to COVID, as well as dengue and typhoid. Christian families with no steady income have found menial work drying up.

They are forced to send their daughters to work in factories or shops, leaving them even more vulnerable.

There’s so much we could do to help these families this Christmas, but we urgently need the funds to do it. With your help we can:

    • Provide food parcels, so they won’t go hungry.
    • Locate abducted girls and reunite them with their families.
    • Provide legal aid, support, counselling and safe houses as they fight to reunite their families.

The extent of the need is large, and there is so much good your kind gift could make possible.

During this Covid Christmas please stand with these families as many of them face, during COVID, their darkest hours.

Nasir Saeed

Director of CLAAS-UK.




Reena is a young Christian girl from Jaranwala in Pakistan. This year, her faith in a loving Father God was tested to the extreme.

In July, she was abducted at gunpoint and drugged. She said: ‘One day I came back to consciousness, and I was aching and unable to stand up. They kept torturing me. One of them told me to convert to Islam. When I refused, he started badly beating me and he raped me.’

After five days refusing to convert, Reena was released and reunited with her family. However, what happened next was almost as shocking.

Her family took her to the hospital where they explained her ordeal.

‘The doctor treated me like an unclean person for being a Christian, and not converting,’ says Reena.

There was a similar response from the police. Reena’s father told us: ‘They are still unwilling to register a case against the kidnappers. It seems that they know the abductors or have been bribed.’

He added: ‘It was so painful to hear the agony that Reena went through. But I am proud that she courageously faced the situation and didn’t waver in her Christian faith; she told them that she would die but would never convert to Islam.’

Reena with her father
Reena with her father
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