Local influential Muslims and the police have stopped church building work in Threade-e Wali Momon Pura Sharqpur. The original church was built about 20 years ago, according to the needs of that time. But because of population growth the management decided to expand the church building. However, local influential Muslims are against the church expansion. The pastor, Amir Herbert, and his team sought assistance from the local police but instead of supporting the local Christians, they are also siding with the local Muslims and even told the pastor that if the bundling work continues, the entire Christian community will have to face dire consequences. They were told their houses would be set on fire, and they would be forced to leave town.

In 2006 local Muslims attacked Christians’ houses, setting them alight, and during this attack ten Christians were injured but the police took no action against the culprits. Christians are fearful, have stopped the church building work and are looking for support from the government.