Blasphemy victim’s house set on fire twice

Parents of Christian Dr Rakshanda, 20, have appealed to the prime minister Imran Khan and the chief minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Buzdar, to get them justice as the police have failed to recover their daughter from her kidnappers.

Dr Rakshanda Ilyas from Chicha watni, went to look after her friend on July 4th after she was admitted to hospital, but has never returned. Her parents looked everywhere for her but couldn’t find her.

After two days, two men came to their house and threatened her father to stop searching for Rakshanda.

Rakshanda’s father complained to the police but they didn’t pay any attention and even didn’t bother to register an FIR (first information report). At one point Rakshanda’s father received an anonymous call that his daughter had been murdered. He is not sure whether the kidnappers have really killed his daughter, but he is still optimistic.

Rakshanda’s father filed a petition in the Session and District court and the court ordered the police to register the FIR and recover Rakshanda. On 16th September police registered an FIR but have taken no action to recover her. The kidnapper seems very influential, which is why the police is avoiding taking any action against them and now the family has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to get them justice and get their daughter back.

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