Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi is calling for justice for others who have fallen victim to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

After eight years on death row, the 54-year-old was acquitted of blasphemy charges and eventually flew to safety in Canada.

But Bibi told the Sunday Telegraph the world should know about Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws.

She said that while she was grateful for the help she has received in leaving the country, she was heartbroken at leaving her homeland when violence erupted after religious extremists acted angrily to her acquittal.

Bibi said she and her family had as a result of the accusation.

She told the Telegraph: “There are many other cases where the accused are lying in jail for years and their decision should also be done on merit. The world should listen to them.”

“I request the whole world to pay attention to this issue.

The way any person is alleged of blasphemy without any proper investigation without any proper proof, that should be noticed.

“This blasphemy law should be reviewed and there should be proper investigation mechanisms while applying this law. We should not consider anyone sinful for this act without any proof.”

Thanking the Supreme Court for quashing her conviction, Bibi stressed the importance of others getting fair trials.

Bibi hopes to move an undisclosed country in Europe at a later date but says she has never explored the idea of moving to the UK.