A Pakistani Christian boy has been charged with blasphemy for after allegedly having blasphemous images on his phone.

Nouman Asghar Masih is accused of showing blasphemous sketches/pictures on his phone to his friends and even forwarding them to his contacts.

According to the First Information Report (FIR) at Police Station Baghdad-al-jadid Bahawalpur, the police conducted a raid early in the morning and found him showing the sketches to his friends.

Upon seeing the police there everyone ran and only Nouman was arrested. This Case is registered under the supervision of the police and its complainant is itself Assistant sub-inspector.

According to reports Nouman has no enmity with anyone, but in recent years several young boys, including Sunny Waqas – Nouman’s cousin, have been arrested over blasphemy charges. Both were arrested under section 295 C, both are 18-19 years old, and in both cases the complainant is the State.

Unfortunately, since the cyber law was introduced, several cases have been registered against Christian youth who allegedly had Islamic photos or other material on their phone and shared it with others. Sadly, many people are not aware of the cyber laws and since the blasphemy law is so vague, dubious charges of blasphemy can be brought against anyone.