A 19-year-old Pakistani Christian student has been charged with blasphemy after getting into a dispute with Muslims neighbours over a cricket match.

Sunny Waqas, a student of High School doing Intermediate in Health sciences, was arrested on 29th June 2019 while allegedly carrying a black bag holding printed blasphemous sketches of the Holy Prophet.

The FIR states an informer told the police that Sunny had printed some blasphemous material and was on his way to show other people. It adds that police arrested him they recovered the blasphemous sketches and Sunny told them they were sent to him by his cousin and he was going to show them to his friends and other people.

According to a statement from Mushtaq Masih – Sunny’s father, Sunny is a bright student and he loves playing cricket in his free time.

A few days earlier he had a minor dispute with his fellow Muslim players including Bilal Ahmad and they stopped playing afterwards.

Then on 29th June at about 5:30 pm he was playing along with his friends at the backside of their house, when the police came and arrested him.

They did not tell the family anything about this arrest and when they reached the local police station, officers told them they had not arrested any Sunny and they should check another police station.

The next morning they came to know that he is in Bahawalnagar Jail and the police have registered a case against him for Blasphemy.

According to the family Bilal Ahmad has implicated Sunny in a fake case of blasphemy to settle his personal grudges.

Sunny Waqas is in District Jail Bahawalpur and he may have to spend several years to get justice as the Pakistani justice system is very slow.