A Pakistani Christian mother-of-three was reportedly abducted and forced to convert to Islam.

Saima Iqbal, 35, was allegedly abducted by a Muslim man on February 25.

According to her husband, Naveed Iqbal, she was taken from their home in New Iqbal Town in Islamabad by Muhammad Khalid Sati.

Mr Iqbal told the police he came home to find his wife gone, but they did not take any immediate action.

Eventually, a report was logged, the accused was arrested on March 5, and Saima was recovered.

But the police told Mr Iqbal his wife had converted to Islam and had married the accused.

But according to reports, he says the conversion and the marriage certificates are fake.

Mr Iqbal appealed to Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan and Pakistan’s chief justice to help him get justice.