Next week Asia Bibi will finally find out if she will be free as Pakistan’s top court will decide whether a challenge against her acquittal proceed.

As radical Islamists continue to call for her execution, Bibi’s lawyer has revealed the Supreme Court will review a petition calling for her acquittal of a blasphemy conviction to be overturned.

Since she was cleared Muslim extremists have protested and have been calling for her execution.

To calm them down the Pakistani government pledged she would remain in the country until the Supreme Court reviews the petition against her acquittal.
Despite her release from prison Bibi has been living in hiding, and fears being killed.

Her children have been taken to Canada for their safety, and many western countries have said they would grant her asylum.

But she has so far not been able to leave the country.

Hopefully, the court will uphold the acquittal when the petition is heard on January 29, and Asia Bibi is finally allowed to leave the country as a free woman.