A 14-year-old Pakistani Christian girl was gang raped in Burewala earlier this month.
On Sep 10 Farha Tariq was abducted and then she was gang raped viciously by a group of Muslim men.

It is yet another case of a minor girl being raped by various men.
The local police have registered a FIR (first information report) against the accused, Abdul Ghafaar, along with his companions.

According to District council member Mr. Nazir Randhan this is not the only case of a Christian girl being kidnaped and raped by the Muslims, but that most of the families Do not to pursue the case.

Very few families stand up for justice but are often threatened to withdraw their case.

He said that sometimes the police become a party and pressurise the victim’s family to enter into a settlement
with the perpetrators who are often from rich families.

Farah has given her statement against the entire gang but the police isn’t working seriously for because she is poor and Christian, while the perpetrators are rich and Muslims.

There is little hope Farah will get justice but there are chances her family will be pressured into a settlement.
This is sad and only because they are poor and Christians and treated as 2nd class citizens of the country.