A young Pakistani Christian woman was gunned down for refusing to enter into friendship.

The victim, Amara Bibi, was allegedly shot three times by Farman son of Muhammad Qayum Dindar in Chak 460, Purani Maaki District Sheikhupura.

Amara lived in the village with her husband Boota Masih and five children.

But she alleged murderer Farman asked her to be friends with him, she turned down his proposal.

Farman reportedly threatened her saying that if she did not belong to him, she would not belong to anybody else.

Then on August 7, at around 2am Farman stormed into Amara’s house and started beating her.

This awoke Boota Masih, and upon seeing her husband Farman opened fire on Amra shooting her three times.

She was taken to a hospital but died on August 18.