A Pakistani Christian girl, was thrown from the second floor of a building for refusing to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim boy.

Benish Paul, of Karachi, who was studying in Year 10, was asked to marry Muslim boy Tahir Abbas.

He asked her family for her hand in marriage, but the family members refused the proposal and said that since they were Christian and he was Muslim the relationship was not possible.

Instead of understanding the religious difference between the two families Tahir got angry with the family and continued forcing Benish to marry him against her parents’ will.

After Benish repeatedly refused Tahir Abbas got angry and threw her down from the second floor. She was taken to Jinnah Hospital in a critical condition, where the medical report found that her spine was severely injured.

Tahir Abbas tried to bribe the medical staff to suppress the report.

Benish’s family reported him to the police and explained the situation, but as usual the police officer started to blame the complainant rather than arrest the accused.

The police station started threatening Benish’s of family and pressured them to drop the case.

Three weeks on Benish is struggling for her life and there is a fear that she may have be left disabled.

Benish’s family is appealing to all Christians and Pakistani people to help them to get justice for their young daughter while Tahir is still free.