A Pakistani Christian family was tortured by extremists and told to leave their house.
Nurse John Elvin, his wife and three children moved in to live in D.C. Society, Mehmoodabad 2 about 10 months ago.
The family believe they were targeted because of their faith and claim they were threatened with dire consequences if they did not leave the area.

According to reports, some local Muslims humiliated the family who were waiting for a year-long tenancy agreement come to an end so that they could move somewhere else.

On August 18, at around 11 pm John and his sons were brutally beaten by a group of Muslim extremists.
Earlier in the evening a group of extremists threw stones at their door and windows.

The has previously told the Christian family they would be killed if they did not leave the neighbourhood.
When the family decided to seek help from the police, the extremists attacked their house.

One of John’s sons, Vikram, lost his eye as a result of the beating, while his other son, Sunil, was also severely injured.
All of them required hospital treatment, and the family is now urging the authorities to get involved.