A 10-year-old Pakistani Christian boy was seriously injured when a Muslim mob attacked a group of Christians protecting their church

The incident took place on August 2 at Waran Chak Balyana village in Kasur, and was sparked by a church property dispute.

Victim Bashir Masih said the Muslims lead by Mukhtar Ahmad, wanted to take control of disputed land, where close to 40 Catholic families are building their church.

The families had been constructing the church using their own own money, but Ahmad wants to cultivate the land and made derogatory remarks against the place of worship.

On August 2 matters came to a head when Ahmad’s armed companions attacked the Christian men, women, and children with arms and sticks, and stoned the church
They left two seriously injured and other with minor injuries.

The seriously injured were 18-year-old Anand Masih, who needed eight stitches on her lips, and 10-year-old Sagar Masih, who suffered a broken arm.

Initially, the police were accused of refusing to register a First Information Report against the Muslim group.