Christians in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, are being threatened after they built a new church building.

And the authorities are failing to help them.

Some time ago the government granted permission to Christian residents of the Shaukat line Gojra near Chaanar Shab Nala- Muzaffarabad to build a church.

They were also assigned a plot for the building, but later some Muslims in the area did like the idea and started created trouble.

They stole the building materials to stop the church building, and even started a campaigning on social media to provoke people and spread the hatred against the local Christians and the building of their church.

Some local Muslims even destroyed the water supply pipe and now Christians have no water for their daily use.

Riyasat Masih, Elder of the church, has complained to the police but they have failed to respond and stop the ongoing suffering of the local Christians who are living in fear and looking for justice.