Pakistani Christian Shamoun Maish, aged 40 of Domaily – Dina was found dead in Zafar Hospital’s toilet after three days.

He was a married father-of-two. According to reports when Shamoun didn’t come home from his work on May 1, his wife got worried and went to the hospital to look for him but she was told that he was not here and had gone home.

After a few days, when Shamoun didn’t return home his wife went to the police station and reported him missing.

Two days later she was asked to come to the hospital where she was shown her husband’s dead body which was lying in the hospital’s toilets.

The police were informed about Shamoun’s death, and they took the dead body into their custody and sent it to the district hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Shamoun’s wife suspects that he has been murdered and the police have registered a case.

CLAAS’s team has visited the family and have offered them free legal aid.