On May 17 Pakistani Christian Sharoon Timotheus Nasir who was jailed over blasphemy charges died in Gujranwala jail.

He was charged under blasphemy law’s section 295-A last November.

He was 38 years old, and a married father of three teenage children – one daughter and two sons.

Sharoon was the grandson of famous Pakistani Christian theologian Late Dr. K.L. Nasir.

The news of his death has spread among Christians of Pakistan creating fear and concern about their safety in the country.

Unfortunately, the case was registered by another Christian group for using abusive language.

According to reports his court hearing next was due on 25th may and his family was very hopeful that he would be granted bail as the charges were not as serious and in the past others charged under the same section, have been released on bail.

Although a post-mortem examination has been conducted, because the report has not revealed, the cause of death is not yet determined.