More than a dozen Christian men are missing from the Christian colony of Youhanabad, Karachi. According to the reports on 15 April some policemen wearing black t-shirts broke into several Christians’ houses and took several young Christians forcefully to an unknown place.

They treated the family disrespectfully, it is said they were drunk, using abusive language and even pulled the Dupata (scarf) from a few women’s heads. They took the pictures of the families and their children and did not say why. They also took some other items, cash and mobile phones with them.

The families are concerned as this is not the first time, and some Christian men were taken during the Easter period and still nobody knows where they are. The families have reported it to the police who have refused to give any information about the kidnapped persons.

The issue of missing persons is very serious and has been going on in Pakistan for some time. The government is aware and but seems helpless. According to some reports agencies’ personnel take any person without giving a reason or their whereabouts to the families. Only in rare cases do the people come back. They are often tortured and tread badly. This is a new wave in Pakistan to punish someone without registering a case against them.

Christian families are appealing to the higher authorities, including the Inspector General of Sindh police, and the chief justice of the supreme court, to help recover their children. The families are worried and say they should be told the whereabouts and condition of their children, and if they have committed any crime they should be charged and produced in the court of law.