Three Pakistani Christian girls have been forcefully converted to Islam by Muslim men in three separate incidents in one month.

On March 9, 2018 Muhammad Malak and three others sexually assaulted a girl named as Naeema of Shera Kot Lahore.

She has been abducted by them and an FIR has been lodged against Malak and his accomplices.

While Naeema’s family continues to be pressurised into withdraw their complaint, the police is doing nothing.

The second incident happened on April 11, when a Christian girl named as Seema was sexually assaulted by Muhammad Shehryar Sherry son of Muhammad Ashraf Jutt.

The 15-year-old was reportedly abducted from the market and was forcefully taken to the private dairy farm by Shehryar. She was then sexually, as confirmed by medical reports.

The third incident occurred on April 14 in chak no.517 GB, village in district Toba Tek Singh, Punjab province.

Christian Ashraf Masih had reportedly borrowed 100000, Rupees from Doctor Zerqa a Muslim woman. They both worked at the Government Health Centre of the village.

Asharf has returned half the amount to Zerqa, while the remainder is outstanding.

Muhammad Gafoor, a relative to Dr. Zerqa who also worked at the centre, reportedly convinced her to deny that Ashraf Masih had returned any of the money and say that he was refusing to do so.

Based on this Muhammad Gafoor beat Ashraf Masih, his wife and daughters. Muhammad Gafoor is reportedly pressurising Ashraf Masih and his family to renounce Christianity. They are being pressurised to convert or face dire consequences.