A Pakistani Christian has reportedly died after being brutally tortured by security guards, medical staff and doctors at a hospital in Lahore.

Sunil Saleem, 26, was killed when he went to deliver food to his sister at the Services Hospital.

His pregnant sister, Kiran Saleem went to see a gynaecologist but the lady doctor was allegedly on the phone and asked a nurse to see Kiran.

When Kiran insisted on being seen by a doctor, an argument broke out and the doctor reportedly slapped Kiran, after which her brothers called the local news channel.

Johnson Saleem, Kiran’s brother claims the security guards on duty put the shutters down and threatened his brothers Sunil Saleem, Anil Saleem and brother-in-law Kashif Shafeeq.

Eventually a brawl broke out and the guards and doctors started beating the three men.

Johnson claims the security guards and at least three doctors beat Sunil for about 30 minutes and he was hospitalised in a critical condition.

However, there was no doctor to attend to him and he later died.

An FIR invoking Section 302 has been registered at the Shadman Police Station, Lahore.

Nasir Saeed, Director CLAAS-UK expressed his concern over ongoing hatred and persecution against Christians in Pakistani society.

He said that Pakistan had recently marked another Pakistan day which meant nothing for religious minorities as the promises made to the minorities by the Quaid e Azam are not being honoured, but there are sustained attempts to push Christians and other religious minorities out from the Pakistan.

Mr Saeed added: “I am very concerned by the government’s inactions as perpetrators are continuing to take the law into their own hands and kill innocent people with impunity.

“It is sad that that country that was created with the support of religious minorities has increasingly becoming a minefield for them.

“They are living under constant fear for their lives and as their worship places, their honour and lives are not safe and the government of Pakistan has failed to protect them or assure them protection. Many are fleeing the country to find sanctuary in other countries.”

Religious intolerance against religious minorities in Pakistan has reached a dangerous level and there is an urgent need to pay attention and stop these ongoing atrocities against religious minorities, instead of turning a blind eye.

The international community and human rights organisations must take notice of the ongoing persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan and remind Pakistan of its obligations under the international conventions Pakistan has ratified.