At least seven Pakistani Christians have been injured after an armed Muslim gang attacked them while they worshipped at church.

Pastor Haleem Feroze Masih of the King Jesus Church in Burewala, southwest of Lahore, leading the service when at least 15 local Muslims led by Muhammad Sharif entered the church at around 1pm.

This came after a clash outside the building prompted by church elders trying to hang an Easter sign
They were stopped by Sharif’s sons and Sharif has allegedly previously grabbed a piece of the Christian cemetery in our colony and built a cattle shed on the graves.

Last Christmas, Sharif installed a sign on the wall in front of the church congratulating the congregation on the holy occasion, but church members later noticed that it contained photos and phone numbers of Sharif, his sons and others.

On Sunday the church elders tried to replace the Muslims’ sign with their own. But this resulted in an aggressive argument in which the church’s sign was torn up by the mob.

Subsequently the Muslims stormed the church compound and began beating church members with batons and bricks.

Some of them even began firing guns, and attacked police officers when they arrived on the scene.

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