Pakistan’s National Assembly has passed three bills including the Islamabad Capital Territory Child Protection Bill, 2017, the Juvenile Justice System Bill, 2017 and the National University of Technology Bill, 2018.

The Islamabad Capital Territory Child Protection Bill aims to protect children from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

The Act legislates for the creation of a Child Protection Advisory Board, which is to be established in three months an to be headed by the Federal Secretary Ministry of Human Rights.

The board will advise the government on matters relating to policy, legislation and implementation of the rights and of obligations contained in international laws and agreements.

There will also be a Child Protection Institution that will receive reports on children who need protection, and keep a record of reports.

Also passed was the Juvenile Justice System Bill to amend laws relating to criminal justice system for juveniles.

It also establishes a Juvenile Justice Committee.

A clause regarding ‘determination of age’, says “Where a person alleged to have committed an offence physically appears or claims to be a juvenile for the purpose of this act and the officer-in-charge of the police shall make an enquiry to determine the age of such person”.

There is further a class that prevents any female juvenile being apprehended by a male police office or released on probation under the supervision of a male officer.

A third bill, the National University of Technology, 2018, was also passed.
It will provide for establishment of NUTECH in Islamabad introducing higher education.