The family of a Pakistani Christian man who died before being able to prove himself innocent of blasphemy allegations are calling for his name to be cleared.

Mukhtar Masih, who was arrested on suspicion of committing blasphemy died on 3rd November.

He was arrested on 28th January for for allegedly committing blasphemy but he always maintained his innocence.

Masih was granted in bail and had a chance of being acquitted of the charges against him.

Masih was taken to Bagh Christian Hospital in Mansehra on November 2nd after complaining of pain in the abdomen. He died suddenly the same day of gastro-intestinal bleeding.

His family is now requesting his name to be cleared of any charge since they believe Masih died with false allegations over his head which have left them helpless and detested by Muslims.

Masih was arrested after a letter containing blasphemous messages was pinned to the door of a local mosque, in his home village of Lambanwali near Gujranwala.

He insisted he was blameless, stating that any expert could see that he had not written the note, and that no Christian in Pakistan would be foolish enough to take such a risk with his life.

But the police overlooked his protestations and took the word of the Muslim witnesses who said Masih had committed the crime.

According to Sharia law, a Christian can’t affirm against a Muslim, so Masih’s testimony had no value.