A Pakistani Christian asylum seeker has died in a Thai detention centre. Khurram Chohan died on 19 October in Bangkok due to heart failure.

He is survived by his two young children, Marriam aged 6, and Moses aged 5, his wife and his elderly parents who live in Lahore, Pakistan.

His family is facing many social and financial problems and are struggling to repatriate his body to Pakistan as the body and family are under custody of Thai police.

The situation of Christian asylum seekers in Thailand is deteriorating day by day.

They have been forced into an exodus from Pakistan after being persecuted by blasphemy laws, and forced conversions.

Due to a lack of medical facilities many people die in detention, or suffer from issues including trauma, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, depression and anxiety because of continuous stress, harassment and a lack of food.

For the past several years Christians and other religious minorities have been fleeing their homeland of Pakistan, where their forefathers have been living for centuries, and even played a role in the independence of Pakistan.

But unfortunately, they are never considered equal citizens of the country. They are mistreated and considered allies of the west.

The Pakistani Government has passed several discriminatory laws against them and religious hatred against Pakistani Christians has reached an unprecedented level.

They feel insecure and are living under constant fear for their lives.

Many Pakistani and religious minorities have applied for asylum in Thailand but there is no protection or any facilities for them.