The police have allegedly tortured Christian residents of Father’s Colony in Kharian, Punjab.

Local Christians claim the police assaulted Christian children, women and men, implicating them in false cases.

After outcry from the Christians, the DPO Gujrat suspended Tanveer Abbas Bhatti SHO of Guliana Police Station.

Details emerged that ASI Muhammad Azeem and his force raided the cricket ground in the colony alleging that a local youth was involved in match-fixing.

Clashes erupted when the police tried to capture the youngster.

Afterwards the police withdrew from the neighbourhood, but after sunset SHO Tanveer Abbas Bhatti sent a number of police officers and the Elite Force to the colony.

The police invaded the Christian residents’ homes and started torturing them. They also opened fire, injuring many, and were allegedly pelted with stones.

Local Christians are calling upon the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to take action against the perpetrators.

The police claim that during the incident locals launched an attack on them and injured four officers. An FIR was consequently registered against 18 Christians.