Christian residents of a Pakistani town have been attacked by an armed Muslim mob.

They were set upon in Phool Nagar, District Kasur in Punjab Province.

They were attacked following a dispute between Christian and Muslim teens, and the assailants brutally bashed Christians, seriously injuring them.

The incident took place after Christian Afaq Masih, son of Pulus Masih got engaged in a brawl with Shani, a Muslim man, after he snatched Afaq’s phone.

The alleged attackers identified as Hafiz, Hamza, Saghar, Asif Jamil, Shani, Kashi, Mazhar and others stormed into the Christian neighbourhood and started harassing and threatening the local Christians.
Local Christians claim there were 21 attackers.

The armed men beat everyone who came into their sight – even women – on the streets. They also stormed into the houses of Christians and started attacking them. They also resorted to aerial firing, therefore, causing terrors and harassment in the entire neighbourhood.

The Christians informed the local police, and an FIR (First Information Report) was lodged at the police station. The attackers have not been arrested so far, and the Christians say this is because the police are unwilling to arrest them because of their religious connections.