An elderly Pakistani Christian is in a perilous situation after blasphemy accusations were levelled against him.

Seventy-year-old, Mukhtar Masih of Lambanwali, a village in District Gujranwala, has been caught up in blasphemy allegations after his accusers claimed that he had written blasphemous messages.

On Saturday 28th January 201 Mukhtar and his entire family were detained by the police. Those arrested included, Mukhtar’s daughter Saima, Anjum Mukhtar and his children Romilla, Nehmeeia.

Ten policemen rushed into Mukhtar’s house and detained the entire family. They were later told that blasphemy accusations had been brought against them. An FIR was registered against Mukhtar at Rahwali Police Station.

The complaint said he had written blasphemous letters containing derogatory comments about the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran. These letters were received by a local Imam on January 26.

The complainants in this case include the Imam of the local mosque Qari Shahbaz Hussain, Sabir Ali, Pervaiz Ahmed, Muhammed Anwer and Muhammed Mansha. The police also maintain that the letters are currently in their possession.

According to Anjum, these charges are completely false and his father is innocent.

He said he had tried explaining this to the police who did not listen and instead arrested them, torturing and forcing them into making a confession.

He added that he was convinced that the handwriting in the letters would not match his father’s. Anjum said Mukhtar would never commit such a crime, knowing that it would endanger his family.

Anjum said his family had been threatened with death if they did not leave the area and that there is no peace for Christians in Pakistan.