A Christian woman was raped when a local influential Muslim Anna three others forced their way into her home whiles her husband was at work.

They gang raped her, threatening her to leave her family property which was next to the home of the culprits in a village in Bahadur Pura, District Kasur of Punjab province of Pakistan.
Her father, Rehmat Masih, 70, knocked on every door for justice and to lodge a report against the Muslim rapists. But due to their influence and contact in the government, no one was ready to register a case against them.

The village has more than ten thousand Muslims and three hundred Christians, who have been living side by side for decades. This village is built on Federal land and illegally occupied by all residents who sell and buy land of homes on PT-1 forms. The Muslims of this village own agricultural land and other businesses while Christians work for them in farms or as labourers.

On January 23, 2017, while the victim was sleeping in home with her 4 children, and father, she saw smoke in the corner of the room. Her elder daughter cried fire after seeing flames and ran out of room but Rehmat Masih was unable to run out.

The Christian family started shouting to save Rehmat Masih but when by the time he was rescued, his legs and hands were burnt.

He was taken to District Headquarter Hospital Kasur for treatment but he was denied medical support without a police report as it was a legal case.

When news the incident spread among Christians, Pakistani human rights activists became involved and ordered the police to register a case and for Mr Masih to be treated.

Eventually a case was registered in Saddar Police Station Kasur, but Mohammad Basharat used his influence to get interim bail before arrest and walked free.