A mob of more than 50 Muslims attacked a Pakistani Christian pastor and his family in a dispute over land.

They fired shots in the air and used iron rods to beat residents, Pastor Michael Robert and those who lived with him.

The gang also attacked the colony and shot to harass the residents and deter them from coming out to help the family.

The attackers also looted the house and severely injured all family members who received head injuries, after being severely beaten. But unfortunately the police did not allow a medical report to be made.

The property dispute started about two years ago, when the owner of the house sold the property to a Muslim group named Hameed Gadhi and others, they got the registry of the house whereas Michael’s father had the stamp papers for the payment and agreement of buying the house.

The dispute went to the courts and the court stayed the matter until the owner of the house was declared in accordance with the circumstances and proof.

The pastor and his family were threatened with blasphemy allegations if they did not vacate the house.