The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has called on Pakistan repeal its blasphemy law.

In the periodic report released on August 26 the Commission “takes note of the state’s efforts to prevent the abuse of blasphemy laws”, but also expressed concern about “efforts for the broad and vague definition of crimes against religion under articles of the law”.

It further notes “the disproportionate use of those laws against individuals belonging to ethnic and religious minorities”.

The Commission also expresses its regret over the high number of blasphemy cases that stem from false accusations.

It recognises that “the judges who judge cases of blasphemy face intimidation, death threats and murders”.

Additionally, the Commission asked Pakistan “to consider the repeal of the blasphemy law, which goes against freedom of expression and religion, established by the Constitution” and asks it to prosecute and punish those who submit false charges.