A 28-year-old Pakistani Christian woman was falsely reported to police after she left her job at a salon run my a Muslim owner.

Shakila Sosheel started work at Fatima Khurram beauty salon as a manager in January.

Both Muslim and Christian girls worked in the salon, but all the mistakes of the Muslim girls would be blamed on Shakila.

According to the Muslim girls,the owner of the salon kept irritating Shakila and told her that if massaged DSP Khalik Shah, who is Fatima Khurram’s partner, and other special clients then her salary would be increased to 50,000 per month.

But she refused, and after that the owner kept trying to convince her to give massages and to enter into a five year agreement.

But she kept refusing because her husband had been injured in road accident and she needed to give more time to her family.

Finally on 22 August 2016 she left the job and at that time the owner threatened to call the police and never give her any freedom.

On 29 August 2016 Sub-Inspector Police Naseem Iqbal of Police Station Litton Road Chaburji called Shakila Sosheel asking her to attend the police station.

When she reached the police station the Sub-Inspector told her that Mohammad Khurram, had filed an application against her and two unknown girls, claiming they robbed the salon of 4 lac rupees.

The officer told Shakila to accept her mistake and apologise in front of the applicant with the condition to go back to work and repay all the money.

But she did not agree and was told that the owner was very wealthy and influential and she had no value in front of her.