The police are pressuring the father of a kidnapped Pakistani Christian not to pursue to the case against her abductors.

Naina Masih, the daughter of Ilyas Masih, was allegedly kidnapped by her neighbours, but despite the fact that a police complaint has been lodged, detectives have shown no substantial progress in the investigations.

There is no clue where the girl is, and in their desperate situation the Christian family is asking higher authorities to take action in order to ensure Naina’s recovery.

Naina’s family alleges she was abducted by Muslim neighbour Sana Bibi wife of Shaukat Ali, in collaboration with her brother Ali. The family further revealed that on July 23, an FIR was lodged in the Garhi Shahu (Lahore) police station.

Ilyas Masih, resident of the railway line neighbourhood moaned that the police seem reluctant to take action against the alleged abductors. Additionally, the investigations officer in this case, Hafeez, is trying to pressurize them to withdraw their complaint against Sana Bibi and Ali. Ilyas Masih claims he is being harassed by the police not to pursue the case.